America’s Backyard- 5 Themed Bars & 1 Big Party

Everyone has heard of America’s Backyard. It is the place to be on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. From excellent bartenders to the music you want to hear to girls dancing up on the bars, there is never a dull moment. Whether you come in early on a Friday night for Kiss Country Happy Hour or late at night for a big dance party, there is something for everyone. America’s Backyard is an outdoor venue, however, it is 80% covered. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather, without worrying about the chance of rain. What many people do not know is that America’s Backyard has 5 themed bars all under one roof.

Pool Bar- Pool Bar is the main bar centered in the middle of the venue. It is modeled after a swimming pool. All of the bartenders get up on Pool Bar to dance and to pour shots into their customers’ mouths. There is also a shower attached to Pool Bar. It is not out of the ordinary to see an unlucky someone getting thrown into the shower because it is their birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just because they feel like cooling off!

pool bar

Candy Bar- Candy Bar, as indicated by the name, is themed after different candies. It is elevated above the rest of the venue. Go to Candy Bar to buy a sweet drink from an even sweeter bartender! On Thursday nights, hit up Candy Bar to play some Beer Olympic games such as beer pong, flip cup, beer battle shots, giant jenga, and battle of the sexes. On Saturday nights, the DJ will announce when it is time to head over to Candy Bar to take some Body Shots! Sip a delicious shot off of the bartender’s sexy body. Candy Bar also doubles as a stage. During our Friday Kiss Country Happy Hour, you can watch some fantastic live musicians performing up on Candy Bar.

candy bar

Shed Bar- Shed Bar is the “backyard” themed bar. The bar counter is covered in images of grass, butterflies, and flowers. You will find all of your favorite craft beers at Shed Bar. You can also gather up a few friends to take shots out of the Shot Ski at Shed Bar! The DJ will announce all of the various shot options throughout the night, but the Shot Ski at Shed Bar is definitely one that you won’t want to miss!

shed bar

Blizzard Bar- Blizzard Bar is our frozen drink bar. Purchase the best icy beverages to cool you down on our hot Florida nights. There is also a swing at Blizzard Bar. Yes, an actual swing that you can sit on as you sip on your delicious slushy. Blizzard Bar is the best place to grab something tasty and refreshing.

blizzard bar

Tequila Bar- Tequila Bar is located upstairs. On the nights that Tequila Bar is open, it is the party spot! There is also a sink attached to the bar counter. Guests can put their heads back in the sink to enjoy some upside down margarita shots! From the upstairs, you are able to get a clear view of the entire venue below. Tequila Bar is a fun-filled bar with a great vibe.

tequila bar

All five bars contribute to the energetic yet laid back atmosphere at America’s Backyard. There is no shortage of things to do. Whether you are looking to have a casual night with friends, or a crazy night of shots and dancing, you will find whatever it is you want for the night. There are tons of events and themed parties going on every weekend, so make sure you check out America’s Backyard on Facebook to find out about the up and coming events!