The Five Best Drinking Games According to America’s Backyard

Who doesn’t love to play a good drinking game? You tend to learn a ton of drinking games in college. It seems as if college kids will find just about any reason to drink. While there are lots of fun ones, America’s Backyard has five of the best.


  1. Flip Cup- When it comes to involving a fair amount of people, Flip Cup is perfect. You can include as many people as you want and games are short and sweet. You don’t need anything more than a table, cups, balls, and beer of course. Flip Cup is simple, exciting, fast-paced, and easy to teach even the newest beer drinking college student.


  1. Battle of the Sexes- It does not get simpler than this. One girl and one guy compete over who can finish their beer first. All you need are two beer bongs and two beers. Have someone pour beer into each of the beer bongs and root for whoever you hope can finish their beer the fastest! At America’s Backyard, we make things extra exciting by using a boob bong and a dong bong. The girl chugs her beer out of the dong bong while the guy chugs his beer out of a boob dong. There are few things funnier to watch!
  1. Giant Jenga- This is not the typical college drinking game, but it is just as fun. Get a group together and see who can pull blocks from the giant tower, without making the whole tower topple over. It gets pretty intense towards the end when there are very few blocks that can be touched without causing a huge crash! Whoever causes the toppling over of blocks has to finish their drink.
  1. Beer Battle Shots- This is another atypical drinking game. Many people have yet to play Beer Battle Shots, though I am sure most are familiar with the kiddie game Battle Ship. The idea is the same. Two players compete by guessing the coordinates of their opponents shot glass placement. Every time your opponent guesses correctly, you have to drink the beer out of that shot glass. The game ends when one member has guessed all the coordinates and made their opponent finish all their beer.
  1. Beer Pong- This game is a classic. Beer Pong is a must have at any college themed party. Whether your team is competing in a Beer Pong Tournament or just playing for fun, there are few games better than Beer Pong. All you need is a table, cups, balls, beer, and a good partner! Teammates can get pretty creative with their team names. Not to mention, Beer Pong can be quite competitive!

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America’s Backyard has some good news. On Thursday nights, we feature all of these games! Come in before midnight on our Thursday night College Night to play any of these five fun drinking games. Stick to the ones you know, or try a new one like Beer Battle Shots! Either way, you bound to have a great night.