Pajama Party at America’s Backyard

Do you ever miss all the slumber parties you used to have as a kid? Showing up at your friend’s house wearing your cute pajamas and furry slippers with a bag of candy ready for the sleepless night ahead couldn’t be beat! We miss those nights as well. That is why we decided to throw our very own Pajama Party at America’s Backyard!

On Thursday, April 23rd we are hosting a Pajama Party, adult-style! Make sure you arrive in your comfiest onesies, fuzziest slippers, and coziest socks. There will be pillow fights, hula hoop contests, Twister, and giant Jenga. Plus, there will be drinks starting at $1, $10 unlimited beer pong, and kill the keg. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to play beer pong in your PJ’s 😉 The beer pong tournament winner will receive $100! Doors open at 10pm. So get comfortable and get over to America’s Backyard for the most memorable slumber party of your life.