Meet the Bartenders

Let us introduce you to our fun, dynamic, and entertaining bar family here at America’s Backyard. Our bartenders will not only serve you the coldest beers and most delicious cocktails, but they will also keep you entertained all night long! From dancing on the bar to pouring drinks down your throat, there is never a dull moment here at America’s Backyard. So come in early, take a seat and get to know the bartenders. You will feel right at home in no time at all.



Did you know Megan loves all animals and likes to build her own furniture.

Follow Megan on Instagram: @ymmmkelly


Did you know Alana is going to school to become an Elementary School Teacher?


Did you know Chris was a real estate agent by day and has never been found while playing “Hide & Seek”.


Did you know that Pete is  UF grad and has a BA in Philosophy?


Did you know Chelsea could identify every bird species in North Florida!


Did you know Tiff was a certified personal trainer, owns an online training biz and studying to be a dental hygienist.

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Did you know that Brandon was born and raised in SoFL and a huge Dolphin’s Fan.


Did you know that Thalia was a “die hard” Steelers fan. “Black and yellow, black and yellow!”


Did you know that Shaun has a dog named Ducky and does photography on his spare time.

Follow Shaun on Instagram:  @kruss_us