Trailer Park Bash/Cops & Robbers Party

cops robbers fort lauderdale

At America’s Backyard, we love to entertain. We like to keep things interesting at our venue and make sure there is a never a dull moment throughout your night. From beer pong to hula hoops, you always have something fun to do. We’ve got the best drink specials every night and the greatest DJ’s creating the perfect nightclub vibe. If that isn’t enough to get you partying with us, we especially love throwing theme parties! In the month of June alone, we’ve got a ton of club events happening, including our Trailer Park Bash and our Cops & Robbers Party. We love seeing our crowd get creative. We encourage you to get crazy with your costume. We even offer you a free drink if you come dressed up!


On Thursday, June 11th, throw class out the window and brown bag your beverages at our Trailer Park Bash! No need to be fancy-shmancy. We’ve got $10 unlimited beer pong and drink specials starting at only $1. Come chug beer out of a beer bong, drink cheap drinks out of a brown bag, and have a classless night you won’t forget.

trailer park bash ft lauderdale

Then on Saturday, June 27th, we are throwing our Cops & Robbers Party! Will you be a cop with handcuffs and badge in hand? Or a robber with money in the bag and ski mask on? Remember to dress up for a free drink and no cover before midnight.

cops robbers party fort lauderdale

May 2015

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

At America’s Backyard we like to party every chance we get. That is why when a holiday like Cinco de Mayo comes around, we feel compelled to throw a huge bash. Not only do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo ON CINCO DE MAYO (May 5th), we celebrate all weekend long. With Dos de Mayo specials from Dos Equis, we offer everyone $4 Dos Equis starting on Thursday April 31st throughout the weekend.


On Tuesday, May 5th we will open our doors at 8pm to begin a night of Mexican Madness. Not only will there be $4 Dos Equis, but there will also be live mariachi AND a sombrero contest! You won’t want to miss out on the best Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

So throw on your sombrero and head over to America’s Backyard for margaritas, mariachi, and some Macarena dancing. See you here 🙂


Pajama Party at America’s Backyard

Pajama Party social

Do you ever miss all the slumber parties you used to have as a kid? Showing up at your friend’s house wearing your cute pajamas and furry slippers with a bag of candy ready for the sleepless night ahead couldn’t be beat! We miss those nights as well. That is why we decided to throw our very own Pajama Party at America’s Backyard!

On Thursday, April 23rd we are hosting a Pajama Party, adult-style! Make sure you arrive in your comfiest onesies, fuzziest slippers, and coziest socks. There will be pillow fights, hula hoop contests, Twister, and giant Jenga. Plus, there will be drinks starting at $1, $10 unlimited beer pong, and kill the keg. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to play beer pong in your PJ’s 😉 The beer pong tournament winner will receive $100! Doors open at 10pm. So get comfortable and get over to America’s Backyard for the most memorable slumber party of your life.

Spring Break at America’s Backyard

Wet and Wild social

Spring Break is the highlight of many college students’ year. After hours studying and countless exams, students finally get a chance to relax and cut loose. At America’s Backyard, we know how important it is for students to have a good time during their break. That is why throughout the month of March, we offer only the best drink specials and the craziest backyard parties. From Wednesday to Sunday, we will be raging all night long.

We kick off our week of partying with our Wet ‘N Wild Wednesdays. From 8pm-midnight you can enjoy a $20 all you can drink bar as well as $3 select liquors. Hit the beach during the day then make your way over to America’s Backyard where you can continue drinking into the night. We even have a shower here at America’s Backyard so you can rinse off the remainder of the beach sand. However, it is only fair to warn you that our staff enjoys throwing people in the shower when they least expect it! Be prepared for the wettest and wildest party around.

Let’s be honest, you will all be ready to drink again on Thursday night. That is why we created Thirsty Thursdays. With drinks starting at $1 and $10 unlimited beer pong, we know how to quench your thirst. After a day spent in the sun, come hydrate at America’s Backyard.


Get the party started early on Friday during our Kiss Country Happy Hour. From 5-8pm we have 2-4-1’s, $1 Bud Lights, giveaways and live music! If that isn’t enough to get you out here sipping on a cold one, we also have our Get Lei’d Ladies Night from 8pm-midnight. That means ladies drink free from 8pm-midnight! Don’t be surprised when you see girls dancing and hula hooping on the bar. We like to have a good time and we make sure there is never a dull moment at America’s Backyard. Plus, who doesn’t want to get lei’d during Spring Break? 😉


By the time Saturday comes around, we are ready to amp things up. Our Shwasted Saturdays will do the trick. Doors open at 8pm and you won’t want to miss the best Backyard Bash Spring Break Party in town. America’s Backyard encompasses exactly what you envision when you picture Spring Break… and more. Our fun, energetic bartenders know how to entertain the crowd all night long and our delicious drinks will keep you coming back for more. If you’re going to get shwasted, you might as well do it at America’s Backyard.


Who doesn’t love a good Sunday Funday? Wake up, hit the beach, then come shower off the sand at America’s Backyard. Doors open at 8pm. As always, enjoy amazing drink specials and a great time. We even offer shuttle service from the beach to America’s Backyard! We know at this point in the week, you have probably consumed enough alcohol to last you the rest of the year and we would prefer if you wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car. In front of beach place, America’s Backyard will be offering FREE rides to the best party around!


The great thing about Spring Break at America’s Backyard is that we offer all these amazing specials throughout the entire month of March! Whether you are a Fort Lauderdale local or an out-of-towner, you won’t get left out. So come party with us so we can show each other a good time!

February First Fridays Street Festival at America’s Backyard

Family Street Festival

Everyone loves a good street fair with tasty food, live music, awesome art, and great vibes. America’s Backyard is pleased to bring you our First Fridays Street Festival, every first Friday of the month. Our February Street Festival will take place on Friday, February 6th from 6-8pm.

Bring the entire family and enjoy live music during our Kiss Country Happy Hour from Bobby Lee Rodgers. We always have great drink specials during our Happy Hours. Don’t miss out on 99 cent Bud Lights, 2-4-1’s, and giveaways.  There will be plenty of delicious food trucks for you to choose from including Stir it Up, Da Burger Shack, Purple People Eatery, Mr. PB&J, and Grande Crème. We’ve got you covered from burgers to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to ice cream! There will be crafters and artists selling paintings, sunglasses, clothing, phone cases, and more. We are also extremely excited about the Catabella Express train ride that will be running up and down 3rd Street! The train is perfect for children and is even wheelchair accessible. You can also come out and support Furever Family, an all breed animal rescue.

Our February First Friday Street Festival is the perfect opportunity for you to come Downtown with the whole family to enjoy tasty food, live music, and a good time. Support the local community and take advantage of spending a beautiful Friday evening out and about. And mark your calendars because we will be hosting our First Fridays Street Festival every month.



Drink for a Good Cause

Aids Walk

It is always a lot of fun to go out during happy hour and get some drinks with friends. Spending time with people you care about while in a fun and stress free environment is hard to beat. However, sometimes you question whether there is something “better” you could be doing with your time. At America’s Backyard we have the perfect solution. During our Friday night Kiss Country Happy Hours, we also support different local charities. That way you can come out and party while ALSO helping out the community. During the month of January we have a variety of different charitable happy hours for you to choose from! Can you think of a better way to start the new year?!

On Friday, January 9th, we have our SVOSH Happy Hour. From 5-9pm you can come out and drink to support the Student Chapter of the Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity. Purchase a $20 drink ticket and enjoy live music by Big City Dogs. Stick around afterwards for our ladies night! Ladies drink free from 8pm-midnight!


Our next Yappie Hour will take place the following week on January 16th. Come out and drink from 5-10pm during our Friends of Greyhounds Yappie Hour. You can enjoy 2-4-1’s, 99 cent Bud Lights, giveaways, and more! There will be adorable puppies up for adoption. The best part is, pets are welcome! Bring your dogs to America’s Backyard and who knows, maybe you will even bring home a new best friend!


Finally, on January 30th, we will be hosting a Florida AIDS Walk Happy Hour. Purchase a $20 drink ticket to support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. From 5-9pm you can drink for a good cause while listening to Jess Taylor perform live! There will be 2-4-1’s, 99 cent Bud Lights, and don’t forget about ladies night starting at 8pm until midnight!


Drinking with friends is even more fun when you know that you are also helping out a good cause. Start off 2015 by supporting local organizations while also partying at your favorite bar in Downtown Fort Lauderdale!

Why the Night After Christmas is the Best Night to Party

After Christmas

Everyone loves Christmas. It is one of the happiest times of the year. Who doesn’t love spending time with their family, eating good food, and opening gifts? However, even though Christmas is always nice, the night after Christmas is often overlooked. Here are some reasons why we think the night after Christmas is the best night to party:


-The stress of Christmas shopping is over

Yes, it is fun to pick out gifts for your loved ones and watch their cheerful expressions as they open up the boxes of surprises in front of them. But let’s be honest, Christmas shopping is stressful! Once Christmas is finally over, you can let loose and have a good time. You have most likely spent way too much money on all your Christmas gifts, and now you just need a few drinks to forget about it.


-You’ve spent more than enough time with family. Now you just want to see your friends

Spending time with family is great. There is nothing like the unconditional love from your family. But after spending countless hours with ALL of your family members, all you want to do is see your friends. The night after Christmas is a time for you to finally feel as if you can relax and vent to your friends about your crazy family members (we all have a few of those). Your friends are the people who can relate to you the most. They will always be there for you when you want to grab a drink and have a good time.


-It is one of your last chances to drink (a lot) before the New Year

With the New Year right around the corner, there will not be too many opportunities to go out before your big New Years Eve celebration. That is why the night after Christmas is the perfect night to take advantage. You have not yet made any New Year’s resolutions (one of which may be to limit your drinking) and you still have plenty of time to recover before you party even harder on NYE.


-There is still love in the air

For whatever the reasons, people seem to have more love during Christmas time. Everyone is happy, there is a cheerful energy in the air, and people are feeling appreciative. Especially on the day after Christmas, people usually have a feeling of gratitude. They have just spent a lot of time with the people they love, and they are feeling good about life. There is no better reason to go out and party when you are in a great mood. That is what life is about- appreciating the little things, spending time with family and friends, and having a good time.

This year, the night after Christmas happens to fall on a Friday. If the reasons listed above weren’t enough to get you out and about on the night after Christmas, then the fact that it’s a Friday is a reason of it’s own to go out. At America’s Backyard, we will be hosting the best After Christmas Party around! Ladies drink free from 8pm-12am and there are great specials all night! ‘Twas the night after Christmas and you and your friends ought to be at America’s Backyard.



The Five Best Drinking Games According to America’s Backyard

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.04.57 PM

Who doesn’t love to play a good drinking game? You tend to learn a ton of drinking games in college. It seems as if college kids will find just about any reason to drink. While there are lots of fun ones, America’s Backyard has five of the best.


  1. Flip Cup- When it comes to involving a fair amount of people, Flip Cup is perfect. You can include as many people as you want and games are short and sweet. You don’t need anything more than a table, cups, balls, and beer of course. Flip Cup is simple, exciting, fast-paced, and easy to teach even the newest beer drinking college student.


  1. Battle of the Sexes- It does not get simpler than this. One girl and one guy compete over who can finish their beer first. All you need are two beer bongs and two beers. Have someone pour beer into each of the beer bongs and root for whoever you hope can finish their beer the fastest! At America’s Backyard, we make things extra exciting by using a boob bong and a dong bong. The girl chugs her beer out of the dong bong while the guy chugs his beer out of a boob dong. There are few things funnier to watch!
  1. Giant Jenga- This is not the typical college drinking game, but it is just as fun. Get a group together and see who can pull blocks from the giant tower, without making the whole tower topple over. It gets pretty intense towards the end when there are very few blocks that can be touched without causing a huge crash! Whoever causes the toppling over of blocks has to finish their drink.
  1. Beer Battle Shots- This is another atypical drinking game. Many people have yet to play Beer Battle Shots, though I am sure most are familiar with the kiddie game Battle Ship. The idea is the same. Two players compete by guessing the coordinates of their opponents shot glass placement. Every time your opponent guesses correctly, you have to drink the beer out of that shot glass. The game ends when one member has guessed all the coordinates and made their opponent finish all their beer.
  1. Beer Pong- This game is a classic. Beer Pong is a must have at any college themed party. Whether your team is competing in a Beer Pong Tournament or just playing for fun, there are few games better than Beer Pong. All you need is a table, cups, balls, beer, and a good partner! Teammates can get pretty creative with their team names. Not to mention, Beer Pong can be quite competitive!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.04.57 PM

America’s Backyard has some good news. On Thursday nights, we feature all of these games! Come in before midnight on our Thursday night College Night to play any of these five fun drinking games. Stick to the ones you know, or try a new one like Beer Battle Shots! Either way, you bound to have a great night.

America’s Backyard- 5 Themed Bars & 1 Big Party

pool bar

Everyone has heard of America’s Backyard. It is the place to be on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. From excellent bartenders to the music you want to hear to girls dancing up on the bars, there is never a dull moment. Whether you come in early on a Friday night for Kiss Country Happy Hour or late at night for a big dance party, there is something for everyone. America’s Backyard is an outdoor venue, however, it is 80% covered. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather, without worrying about the chance of rain. What many people do not know is that America’s Backyard has 5 themed bars all under one roof.

Pool Bar- Pool Bar is the main bar centered in the middle of the venue. It is modeled after a swimming pool. All of the bartenders get up on Pool Bar to dance and to pour shots into their customers’ mouths. There is also a shower attached to Pool Bar. It is not out of the ordinary to see an unlucky someone getting thrown into the shower because it is their birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just because they feel like cooling off!

pool bar

Candy Bar- Candy Bar, as indicated by the name, is themed after different candies. It is elevated above the rest of the venue. Go to Candy Bar to buy a sweet drink from an even sweeter bartender! On Thursday nights, hit up Candy Bar to play some Beer Olympic games such as beer pong, flip cup, beer battle shots, giant jenga, and battle of the sexes. On Saturday nights, the DJ will announce when it is time to head over to Candy Bar to take some Body Shots! Sip a delicious shot off of the bartender’s sexy body. Candy Bar also doubles as a stage. During our Friday Kiss Country Happy Hour, you can watch some fantastic live musicians performing up on Candy Bar.

candy bar

Shed Bar- Shed Bar is the “backyard” themed bar. The bar counter is covered in images of grass, butterflies, and flowers. You will find all of your favorite craft beers at Shed Bar. You can also gather up a few friends to take shots out of the Shot Ski at Shed Bar! The DJ will announce all of the various shot options throughout the night, but the Shot Ski at Shed Bar is definitely one that you won’t want to miss!

shed bar

Blizzard Bar- Blizzard Bar is our frozen drink bar. Purchase the best icy beverages to cool you down on our hot Florida nights. There is also a swing at Blizzard Bar. Yes, an actual swing that you can sit on as you sip on your delicious slushy. Blizzard Bar is the best place to grab something tasty and refreshing.

blizzard bar

Tequila Bar- Tequila Bar is located upstairs. On the nights that Tequila Bar is open, it is the party spot! There is also a sink attached to the bar counter. Guests can put their heads back in the sink to enjoy some upside down margarita shots! From the upstairs, you are able to get a clear view of the entire venue below. Tequila Bar is a fun-filled bar with a great vibe.

tequila bar

All five bars contribute to the energetic yet laid back atmosphere at America’s Backyard. There is no shortage of things to do. Whether you are looking to have a casual night with friends, or a crazy night of shots and dancing, you will find whatever it is you want for the night. There are tons of events and themed parties going on every weekend, so make sure you check out America’s Backyard on Facebook to find out about the up and coming events!