• Dear Ashlie, I know this is a long time in coming but I wanted to thank you for all your help in the even that we had for Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital. We had a great time and were able to raise some funds to help us make the stay at the hospital just a bit nicer for the children as well as the parents. We hope to use some of the money to also help raise awareness of the Family Advisory Council.
    Everyone who came had a great time. It was a pleasure to work with you on the phone and the night of the event. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you so much,Pam Miller Family Advisory Council JDCH

  • Hi Mamie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing us to have an event at America’s Backyard. We had a wonderful time and great turn-out. We were able to raise just about $1000. Above all, the food and the service was excellent, and we absolutely plan on returning!
    Thank you so much again! Christina M. Kalin, Esq. Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & Abate, P.A.

  • Chantal, the party ROCKED!!! we had like 120 guests (I think)…..it was AWESOME. I have your contact info…will be calling you in the future. Regards and thanks for the follow up! DD

  • Cathy, We just want to extend a huge thank you to you and all the people that made our prom possible. Everyone had the best time and we are sure this prom will be remebered as one of the best proms ever! You really helped us make our dream a reality. Again thank you, to you and your staff for making our prom so amazing. Everyone had the most amazing time and are still talking about how extrodinary it was. Thanks again -Jackie and all Donna Klein Students

  • Hi, Michelle. Thanks for having us last night at America’s Backyard. We appreciate the opportunity to raise money and awareness for our rescue.
    We have already been getting great feedback and would like to be back in the
    future! Have a great weekend, David

  • Lizzy, Thank you for all your help in organizing the area. We raised more money then I expected and can’t wait to do it all again! I always love hanging out and holding events at America’s Backyard, you guys really are an amazing group! Thanks again for everything. Sheela Venero

  • Hey Michelle, Great job last night! Thank you and all of your staff for making the event run smoothly and giving our players, coaches and fans a great spot to kick off the 2010 season. I have heard nothing but positive response so far and I know everyone is very happy to be going to the bar for the post game parties. Jess will be reaching out to you to discuss activation on game day (Saturday, April 10th)! We would like to have AB staff at the game by 6:00pm on game days. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks again – Tommy… Tommy Knapp Commercial Director Miami F.C.

  • Thanks again for everything you did for last weeks Fleet Week party benefiting Young Professionals for Covenant House. It was a success for the organization but even more for the men and women that came and supported the party from the ships that were participating in Fleet Week 2010. Lizzy from America’s Backyard was a great hostess and gave us everything and more we asked for. Thank you!! Thank you to New Times and Mobile Mike for your support of the event. Your community support means a lot to us and we appreciate everything you have done. Joe, we hope that the men and women had a great time that came out and the entire week was successful for you! We hope to work with all of you in the near future and again thank you for all of your support! David A Laidacker Vice President of Young Professionals for Covenant House

  • Cathy, Just wanted to say Thank You to America’s Backyard for our Fabulous 25 year High School Reunion that was held this past Saturday. It was a HUGE success! All of our guests had such a good time. We are still talking about the fun that we had there! Thanks for your help. Sincerely,  Renee Kelleher  Miami Sunset Senior High  Class of ’85

  • Hello Suzanne! I wanted to tell you that I met Megan last Wednesday night while she was working the front door table. Megan said she has seen Dave and I several times before in America’s Backyard. She gave us 1st class treatment! Then I saw her again the next day, the table was moved over by the stairs closer to the bar. She got my attention as I was walking behind the DJ booth. Megan reached over and gave us our free drink tickets. She reminds me of you! So very customer oriented with a great personality. In my past management jobs, I have always looked for people who had the same work ethic as I did. I know it’s so wonderful to find a "gem" like Megan. She’s mirroring you beautifully!!!!! Kudos to her and you. See you sometime at ABY, Gloria

  • Lizzy, Thank you again so much for helping to make our event such a success last night! It was a pleasure working with you and all the staff at America’s Backyard. Leslie Hoff Development Assistant Humane Society of Broward County

  • Lizzy, thank you so much for setting up my party for this past Saturday. The decorations were great and the atmosphere was fun as usual. We went to a club at Hard Rock for my friend’s birthday a few months ago and for 10 of us, we got one small couch and that was much more expensive…I was very impressed with the amount of seating space we had last night. Thank you!!! We were very happy with the service we received and with the entire night. We had a wonderful time. America’s Backyard is by far the most fun place to party!!!!!!! Sarah Kasenter

  • Dear Lizzy Maynes and the Staff of America’s Backyard: Thank you for allowing me to have a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in training Program at America’s Backyard on January 22nd, 2010. Your support of the mission of LLS is helping blood cancer patients live longer, better lives. Since its founding in 1949, LLS has invested more than $680 million in research specifically targeting leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Many LLS-supported advances help not only blood cancer patients but those with other diseases as well. In addition to research support, LLS offers support groups, financial aid, information and advocacy programs for patients and their families. Thank you again for helping our lifesaving efforts. We appreciate your generous support. Sincerely, Michelle Hood-Julien

  • Thanks Lizzie! We DEFINITELY had a GREAT time! I will be coordinating another Happy Hour for February and will get with you shortly on a date.
    Thanks again for everything πŸ™‚ Renee

    Hi Cathy! We have finally come down off the cloud …. just a little bit. I wanted to thank you and your staff for making Alyssa’s birthday the talk of Cypress Bay HS. Alyssa had a fabulous time and the party exceeded all of our expectations. Your staff was professional, courteous and very friendly. They were all great, but I took a special liking to Tito…please tell him a special thanks from us. DJ Rolli was the best, the best, the best, the best!!! A million thanks for keeping the kids and me dancing all night. Lastly, but not least, thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism. Hope to see you in the near future. Sincerely, Liz Goldstein ps…the food was delicious!

  • Good morning Michelle, I would like to say thank you for a "Great" evening. Ulysses was an excellent waiter and made the evening a night to remember. I guess with the weather, things were changed a little but the manager on duty (sorry can’t remember his name) accommodated us accordingly. He was very helpful. Your staff and establishment was great. The bachelorette had a blast thanks to you all. Thanks again, Tracy D.

  • Good Morning Lizzy, I just wanted to thank you for organizing our party last week. I throughly enjoyed myself and so did my guests. The platters were nice and the drinks were great. I will refer any friends or family looking for a venue to throw a party to America’s Backyard. Happy New Year! Diane M.

  • Would you please look into opening another location in the Philly/Atlantic City area.  While visiting on vacation in Fort Lauderdale your establishment was the highlight of my vacation.  The food, the atmosphere, the staff and entertainment was all top of the line with such a casual feel that welcomed me and my girlfriend every night.  Please Please Please

  • Just droppin by to show you some love!! I came here last night for the first time and I am very impressed!!! everyone was friendly from the staff to well everyone!!! keep up the good work and I will definitely be back soon!!! Fred Maples FaceBook post

  • "Happy Birthday, AB! It was a great weekend! Thanks to the DJ, the Bar Staff and the Security who took care of me on Sat. It was a fun nite! :-)" Lizzy Maynes

  • Lizzy I just wanted to thank you for everything you provided to us for the event. It was a huge success and everyone had a blast Saturday night. I ill be keeping in touch about hopeful potential events in the near future. Thank you again! Tracie

    Michelle, I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that your DJ, Roly, is great at what he does and provided the best support for a Road Rally that I’ve been involved with. I would like to send him a thank you note, do you have his contact information? (I don’t want to misspell his name). Overall I thought that ABY was the best venue that we’ve had this year for a Road Rally. I’d like to see it packed with more people for the next one on the 29th, so I’ll look to increase promotion. I had a blast and I hope that ABY deems it successful. Let me know your feedback. Caleb Quaid Staff Assistant, Marketing Partnerships

  • Hey Lizzy, You guys do a GREAT JOB on the Dolphins games! Party atmosphere and family-friendly at the same time. Anyone looking for somewhere fun to watch AND HEAR the games should join your party. To hell with the bars and restaurants that show the games with no sound!

  • Thanks Michelle..We had so much fun.. It was a unique experience being able to enjoy a adult enviornment with a kid friendly experience. Please keep us on your mailing list for future events so I can plan accordingly. We had a great time and thought everyone did a great job!! Thanks, The Kilpatrick’s – Kevin, Lil’ Kevin and Patrice

  • Thank YOU!!! It was such a fun time, and a great idea. Being a parent now I find there aren’t many things that are free, let alone for small kids/babies. Kudos to AB!!!!! I look forward to bringing my little man to the Kristmas Bash! Rebecca

  • Love the idea of 4lbs of wings….no one else is doing this.  Winner!

  •  As far as your new menus are concerned, I think that they are GREAT!  Something for everyone and at reasonable prices.  Good varity of tasts!  GREAT selection portion sizes for everyone to enjoy!  Great for party planers as well as singles and couples.  Your selections cover special events as well as seasonal activities.  Looking forward to enjoying all of the delicious food with my friends and family.  Thanks so much!     Paul

  • Lizzy,  Our event was very successful! We raised $1110 for Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the people that DID find the place had a blast and said they would be back.      I was planning to be in the area for my birthday, Nov. 12. Is there anything special happening that evening? We would be a group of about 10. Let me know.    Thanks again.    Kathy

  • Thanks Lizzy. We had a great time.  This was our second office party but the first one was about 6 months ago.  We will definitely look to plan something in the near future.

  • Hello Lizzy:  We all had a wonderful time.. thanks so much, I’ll let you know next time we go to ABY.
    Thanks again,  Ana πŸ™‚

  • WOW,  nice to finally see an assortment to choose from at America’s Backyard.   I like the variety on the new menu and the cost is reasonable.  What a great addition.  My friends and I would enjoy a party there.

  •  Finally A Real Menu! Food and Service has always been great! Thank you for serving food earlier, not after 10 PM!

  • I look forward to returning again this weekend.

  • hey michelle…new menu, and prices,  look fabulous…making me hungry just reading them….hope to get to sample them soon!!…..thanks, bonnie

  • Much better menu selection. Especially with football season here.yum!

  • Love the new expanded menu.  Can’t wait to try the Chi town dog and the wings!

  • New menu looks fabulous!!! I am pretty choosy and love the variety of sauces for wings and build-your-own-burger!! Also 3-ways for Prime Rib is also a nice choice that will make ordering fun for those particular people. I also love that the Ceaser Chicken Wrap is still on the menu    – that was my favorite before the new menu! πŸ™‚

  • we love your new menu,nice variety,and combos,cause everyone doesnt like the same thing

  • The new menu looks great. It’s a nice variety of different foods as well. Can’t wait to try some of it out.


  • I love the menu—what took you so long?!     My mouth is already can taste that great Philly Cheese Steak.  This of course washed down by one of your great drafts on tap! 

    I am very impressed with the new menu.  You all really considered your clientele when creating the menu and it gives me a place to go even before the partying begins versus having to do all the bouncing around from dinner to partying.  I was immediately drawn to the DRUNKEN I-DA-HO SPUDS; although the Mrs. Patato Head totally helped with that.

  • I LOVE the sample platters.  The items on the sample platter are obviously what most people would snack on for a night out.  Can’t wait to watch a ball game at America’s Backyard… sliders, wings, or a dog.  If you’re in the area it seems like a great place to stop and grab a bite to eat.  Then there’s happy hour… you have such great, down-to-earth selections that anyone in  your group is going to find something to munch on.  

  • I was going to be emailing or calling about a friend’s upcoming bachelorette party on October 17th.  I’m excited about telling the ladies that we won’t have to worry about stopping somewhere to eat first – this is PERFECT!    Congrats!     Lisette

  • The menu looks great, lots to choose from!

  • love the new menu!  looks yummy with great bar choices

  • I dunno, maybe you would want to add it to the testimonials?   Have a GREAT DAY!   Georgia Beasley  Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc  — Hello Joe & Zach,  Thank you , Thank you , Thank you so much for the text college day party that I had won to Americas Back Yard from WQAM.  The Bartender was super nice and hot!!  The food was fantastic and the College foortball games were also great.  You guys are great!!  I really appreciate it.  Bartenders with tatoos can not be beat.   The canes will win tonight.  I am calling out the offensive line to block lights out tonight.  Give Jacor Harris time to throw.  I have a question.  Are all the starters back for this game from last week.   Thank you again.  I listen to you every day!!!

  • Hi Lizzy,  I tried to find you on my way out, but they said you went to the office.  I just wanted to thank you for everything with the UCF Alumni Happy Hour event this evening.  Everything was great and we had a great time!!  I hope that we can have another event with you in the near future!!! Sincerely,  David Kaplan  UCF Southeast Florida Alumni Club

  • We had a great time! Thank you so much for your help! I will keep you information and contact you next time we come out!! WE LOVE AMERICAS BACKYARD!!!!    Thanks again so much! I told your sister to thank you also we met with her at check in!!  Alison H. Antonelli   Conference Service Manager   Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six

  • Hi Lizzy, Thank you so much for helping to make my birthday celebration extra special! We all had a fantastic time. I also appreciate the offer to assist with future celebrations…may need to take you up on that offer. If your company has any customer satisfaction surveys, please be sure to send one to me. I would rate you and the service at America"s Backyard as "off the chart" amazingly wonderful!!
    Thanks again for everything…. Sincerely, Maddy

  • Hi Lizzy, Thank you very much for your great hospitality, We enjoyed ourselves very much and Im sure we’ll be back soon. You just keep treating us well. Hope to talk to you soon, and maybe next time we can personally meet. Thanks again. Juan

  • Michelle, I wanted to thank you for helping me out with my friends 21st this past Thursday. We had some out of towners so the guest list was awesome. Thanks also for the free drink- we drank a lot that night ! Ashley with the list was very friendly. What a fun night we had ! It was everything we could have asked for. I even got free Marlins tickets & won Travis Tritt tickets from Eric Brandon at KISS. Thank you so much again. I truly appreciated it. Shannon

  • Lizzy! Everything was great, your staff is so pleasant. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, I left town Friday night right after the event and just got home. We would love to do it again sometime in the future, and again, thank you so much for everything. Thank You Karen J., R.N. Bereavement Coordinator… Peds ICU

  • Hi Lizzy. I just want to thank you for organizing the Taylor Hicks party last Thursday night, 7/30. My friends from Orlando & Tampa were with me. We loved America’s Backyard. We had a wonderful time!! The David Ray Band was awesome. We thought Taylor was excellent!! We wished he could have played more than 2 songs, but he did 2 "Grease" shows that day, then ABY. We can never get enough Taylor!! I saw him in "Grease" on Sat. night, and told him hello.
    I know I will come back to ABY. We had a blast! Sincerely, Debbie Troxell

  • Hi Lizzy… Thanks so much for everything. Yes, we did have a great time & everyone was really very nice & accomodating. I will definitely be in touch again in the near future. Much appreciated & thanks for your kindness….ELLEN

  • Hi Lizzy.. hope you are doing well.. Was just there at America’s Backyard last friday for my birthday.. We all had a blast… Your DJ just always rocks the house.. ha!ha!.. Take care

  • I have moved out of Florida and can no longer attend ABY! πŸ™  Loved the place and you guys throw the sickest parties and best deals!!  Thank you!

  • Dear Lizzy, Hello!!! First of all I just want to thank you and the staff @ America’s Backyard for such an awesome time the last time I was there. My friends enjoyed it very much and said it was "One of the best birthday parties at one of the best places…EVER!!" With that said, thank you so much for picking me once again to go and have a great time. I am working on it as we speak. I want to gather up a large group like I did last time. We do not mind spending our money @ America’s Backyard!! You guys treated my friends and I so well the last time that I wanna make sure that I at least take a large, well behaved group that will throw money away at your establishment. Thanks again for the opportunity!!
    Sincerely, John Velez

  • Hi Lizzy:
    Again PORTADA has a great party thanks to your
    support, your sister was wonderful and all our guests had a fun time
    Hope to see you soon as we start to plan our next joint venture! Thank you again.
    Yvonne Salas

  • Suzanne, Thank you so much for the other night! I went ahead and recommended America’s Backyard to a friend of mine for her birthday!!! I told her to contact you directly because you’re the best! Thank you, once again!!!! Don’t worry about Friday night; we’ll find another Friday to party together. If there’s anything else going on this week and you’ll be out there partying let me know. I’d love to FINALLY party with you!!! And if I can let anyone ie managers know how great you’ve been besides the ones I’ve already told, please forward me their information. I’d be happy to let them know just how valuable you are!!! THANK YOU!!! Looking forward to partying with you soon,
    Your VERY happy customer, Rachael

  • Hi Lizzy! I had an awesome experience at Revolution Live! and working with you. I think you are really superb at what you do. I’ll be sending you a more formal letter soon to reiterate what a great experience we had. Hope all is well. Have a great day!

  • Hi Suzanne, Looking forward to the show on the 11th at Revolution Live. I had a blast last thursday,even invited some friends who have never been to Backyard and they loved it! I have to say Backyard is the best bar downtown,im not i big fan of downtown but love you guys the staff is excellent,bartenders wonderful and you do a hell of a job.Have more people im bringing to experience Backyard..Thank you for a good time always. See you tomorrow

  • Hi Michelle, Thank you so very much for taking such great care of us on Saturday.  Even with the rain, we were safe and protected from the weather and everyone had a great time.  I appreciate all your help!  J  Dawn • WINTERFEST Boat Parade

  • Lizzy, Thank you for your support and all the help you gave me in planning my fundraiser. I felt your staff was very supportive and helpful. All those who attended had fun. The raffle prizes were well received and I believe that one of the ladies who worked in oe of the bars won the weekend at the Hilton! Please convey my gratitude to your staff for all their help.
    Sincerely, Marjorie

  • Dear Jeff & Lizzy, The event went great on Saturday and we were able to raise $900 through door donations and raffle tickets.It has been a pleasure working with you and all the staff at America’s Backyard – everyone was very accommodating and friendly! On behalf of the CFF I thank you for all your support and giving us the opportunity to host an event at America’s Backyard. Hope to see you both in the near future! Thanks again! Sincerely, Vicky Frizone

  • Hello, We had such a great time Friday night!! Thank you. I have been asked to set up our school’s end of the year party now! Everyone had a great time and your staff was wonderful!! Carrie Sneed

  • Hi Jeanette , I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the free open bar on Saturday – we definitely took full advantage, and still made it to 2am ( after starting at 4pm – not too shabby) Anyways, i just wanted to let you know how thankful we were for the open bar, great service, great music and the great atmosphere (as always) πŸ™‚ Thanks again!! Loren

  • Hello Jeanette, Well just to let you know WE LOVE AMERICA"S BACKYARD!!!! ( We come every Thursday and everyone who works there is awesome. Jeanette (your the best you make things happen) all I have to do is email or text you and help me with whatever we need. I tell everyone about you.. Julia she is a great bartender very sweet, she remembers what you drink she is always around whenever anyone needs her.. The DJ that is there on Thursday’s he keeps everyone going, music is great. And Keith in security are a few that we see all the time there and make it worth wanting to come out more often. And with The David Ray Band there makes it even better to be at America’s Backyard. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work, cya Thursday, Rita (and the rest of my gang lol) Thank you,  everyone had a great time, and I was feeling no pain. My Birthday celebration WAS FUN!!!! GREAT concept and will keep you in mind for the future. Thanks again, Elaine

  • Hi Jeanette– we really did enjoy the buffet and the egg hunt!!!  This is a great place as we are so new in the area and it gives us a chance to get to know people– will certainly let (and have) others who visit us know how much fun Backyard is– our grandkids call it the backyardigans!!!  We would like to come Fri., but don’t want to take advantage of your generosity so will understand if we need to wait a week or two.   Thanks, J… Ruth


  • Hi Lizzy.  I guess we keep playing phone tag.  I just tried to call you and got your machine again, so I decided to e-mail you.  I have heard nothing but positive feedback about our event and I am so grateful to you for all you did for us.  I can’t say enough about how accommodating and pleasant you were from start to finish.  People are already asking me when the next one is going to be, so I thank you for your invite to come back and we would love to.  I was thinking to make it a biannual thing so it doesn’t get to repetitive.  I am going to be coming there with a group next Thursday because I am into country and now all the girls here want to go there more often.  So, thank you again I am so glad we hooked up for this wonderful event, we raised half of the entire cost of the ceremony, so now the foundation only has to pay for half out of their donation money.  Which is a big relief to them this year.  Please feel free to contact me if you need anything from me, and I look forward to doing this again around August if that is okay with you. Thank You Karen J., R.N. Peds ICU

  • Lizzy, I just wanted to thank you for helping us out on Saturday.  You really helped in making Jonathan and Jessica’s day remarkable.  Thank You for going above and beyond our expectations as the night was really a success and all the attendees had a great time. Thanks, Scott

  • Hey Suzanne! Thank you so much for Saturday night! It was so much fun! My
    friends and I had a great time. I appreciate everything you did for us.
    Happy Holidays!
    – Rachael
  • Hello Lizzy,  I just wanted to say Thank You again for the hospitality. We all had a great time, and it was nice to finally meet you.  Thanks again, Fernando
  • Hi Cathy! I’m a little late, but I’ve just spent the past week and a half getting my life back now that the party’s over.  I wanted to take a few minutes to say THANK YOU and to thank your staff for a job well done!  Even now, almost two weeks after the party, everyone keeps telling us what an amazing time they had!  The venue was great and you and your staff were true professionals, especially with all of the last minute stuff with Live In Color.  Sam and Kerri truly had a memorable evening to last a lifetime!  Thank you so much and best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Yvonne Calvert

  • Hi Lizzy!  Thanks so much for your invitation.  The Teachers Union had a wonderful time at the Backyard, and I really enjoyed working with you to create such a successful event. Please let me know if you ever have another special night like this! Enjoy πŸ™‚ ~Carissa

  • Hey Lizzy, well I want to thank you for helping me plan my sister’s party. My sister had the best time. It was too bad I couldn’t see you in person…Anyway, we didn’t get a place on the stage where I though we could be, but they did find some room for us upstairs in VIP, so that was cool. Anyways, thanks for everything!!! Amy

  • Hello Lizzy, I wanted to Thank you for setting up the Birthday party for my cousin Julio last Friday. The party was a hit and everyone enjoyed themselves. In the future if you need anyone’s help to promote and event or anything please let me know. Thank you again, Fernando

  • Hey Lizzy!   I’m sorry that I never got the chance to say goodbye to you. It was just a little hectic when I was leaving at 2am and I didn’t see you anywhere. Thank you for the party! Everyone seemed to have a great time! Ron Deri Allstate Insurance Co.

  • Lizzy – wanted to send out a personal note to all of CPR’s incredible volunteers for the incredible evening we had last night at America’s Backyard! First, I ask that you please forward these to the donors that contributed to our auctions and raffles. As their generosity garnered CPR additional funds as well as an entertaining time with friendly competition for the incredible items! And to everyone that obtained donations for the auctions/raffles, we had SO many items that we were not able to utilize all of them and we will figure out additional
    avenues to generate funds from those items. Secondly, to the enigma Lizzy Maynes! We never had a chance to meet her, but her and her staff ensured we had an amazing event at America’s Backyard. It was an amazing venue, incredible buffet, and the generosity of the complimentary first drink, everyone looked like they had fun (and no rain!). Also to Corrine, for creating our electronic ticket sales on the CPR website and assisting us in generating immediate revenue and virtual marketing of this event via CPR’s website and her own websites. To all the volunteers that contributed in their own ways and now how they contributed that it does not need to be mentioned what each of you did. You know what you did individually and should give yourself a well deserved CPR Hug of thanks! While this was a great night, it doesn’t end there. We need to continue with other activities, such as the yard sales/flea markets. Doggiepalooza is our next HUGE opportunity to raise funds for CPR as the money from this event will be gone before we even get to Doggiepalooza. Please give Melissa your continued support. We need to hear your comments, suggestions, and feedback in the moment and not
    the day before or after an event. We want to ensure that CPR pugs are never in the red and always able to continue receiving the best care they can get. Thank you for your support of Marcia and CPR! XOXO Jean Marc

  • Lizzy: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the Broward
    County and Greater Miami and The Keys Chapters of the American Red Cross for
    hosting our Appreciation night. We had a wonderful time and we very much
    appreciate it. Perhaps in the future we can work on a fundraiser together
    that would improve our ability to respond to emergencies in our communities.
    Sincerely, David Dweck Logistics and Fulfillment Coordinator American Red Cross,
    Broward County and Greater Miami & The Keys Chapters

  • Dear Lizzy, Hope you are well! We had a blast on Friday! Thanks for your kindness.
    If you have the room I would love to have another party – would that be possible?
    Please let me know. Thanks, Sati Alternative home health

  • Jeanette, The drink specials always catch our attention. Thanx again for offering such fun ways to spend the evenings. Steel Breeze.

  • Michelle, The ship just made it to San Diego and I got your voicemail.  The crew of USS STERETT (DDG 104) really enjoyed themselves at the party; they are still talking about it.  We will definitely stop by if we are ever in the area again.
    Randy Blankenship –
    Executive Officer –

  • Lizzy, I just wanted to send an email thanking you and everyone at America’s Backyard for your assistance and hospitality at our Six Degrees mixer on September 18th. It was a great success and all of our guests had a great time. You were all very accommodating to our needs and we certainly appreciate it. As an organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters relies on the generosity of the community in order to continue our mission of helping children reach their full potential through professionally supported one-to-one relationships with measurable impact. I hope you will pass this message on to the staff at America’s Backyard so that they will all know just how grateful we are for their hard work. All the best, Amanda Lachs… Marketing Assistant… Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County
  • HI Michelle this is Alexis Terrosa, I just wanted to thank you for everything you and your crew did for us the other night for the birthday party. I apologize for taking so long to write back. I spent the last week making phone calls to prepare equipment for a tour I am doing in November.
    Anyway, you, Ms.Maynes, and Sarah all went above and beyond for us and I appreciate that. I still want to talk with you all about trying to put an event together. Or if you guys are looking for some more promoters let me know when a good time to talk would be.
    thanks you.

    Alexis Terrosa
  • HI, Jeanette. Thank you so much! We are going there this Friday night, too. I’ve been going there for over 10 years, since the Edge and Chili Pepper. I love it and think America’s Backyard is the best thing that could have happened there.

  • Lizzy –  Thank you I had an awesome time!! Actually I always have a great time at Americas you guys are great and thanks for settin up the party!! πŸ™‚   Evona Lisowski
  • Hello everyone,  Wow, what can I say? We had a great turn out last night for our Fundraiser for The Children’s Home Society. We raised a great deal of funds for the project and had fun too! How cool is America’s Backyard!!??  I want to personally thank all the Stagers that helped in putting the event together. Everyone really pitched in!  I have another thank you to all our guests. My heartfelt thanks go to them for coming and donating!  I also want to thank America’s Backyard for hosting the event for us, they were more than gracious, and to boot we won a $100 prize from them for bringing the most guests in that evening! So, add that to our CHS fund! Whoooo hoooo! Thank you Lizzy!   Thanks again to all of you!!   Heather Johnson   President

  • Hey Jeanette,  Thank you for adding me to the list.  Everyone had a fantastic time- out of the 10 of us that showed up, none of us had been there before.   I am sure we will be back again.  Keep up the good work!  –  Shaun Salisbury

  • Hi Michelle.  The party last night was awesome.  Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to raise funds for the 5 charities.  All of your staff was extremely helpful and accommodating.  We appreciate your generosity. Sandra Muvdi – Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation – Broward General Medical Center

  • Sam… Our team had a great time at the party! Thanks so much for inviting us. It was a great way for our school staff to socialize and get fired up for the new school year. Again, thank you. Mark S. Strauss, Ed.D., Principal – Virginia Shuman Young Montessori Elementary School
  • Gina, Thanks a bunch….my friends and I had a blast….They didn’t want to leave…I really appreciate your stupendous service. Also thanks for the birthday celebration email….We will be celebrating this month…see soon….. – Thank you. Cordially, Erica Torres
  • Hi Michelle……I want to thank you so very much for making last evening so wonderful for us. You were all so accomodating to us & it was a marvelous situation. Everyone had a blast & our people said they "now have found a place to go to hang out & relax after work." This is a good thing. I guess we learn from experiences. And, I realize that we had planned to do the 50/50 raffle & a couple of raffle items for the people that paid the $10.00 they received a free ticket towards raffle prizes. We had too many raffle prizes & it was frustrating to you & me, as well. I promise to have only the 50/50 raffle & only one raffle prize next time. We also won the "hostess with the mostest" prize as we had 55 people there. That was a great surprise! And, also wanted to mention that the DJ was wonderful announcing what we were there for, as well. Your other guests were more than accomodating & bought 50/50 raffle tickets….it was super! Which brings me to this…..the director of Special Olympics Broward County had brought her gang, as well & they were very impressed. She loved it there & they have a large entourage. I believe there was a pretty nice bar bill upstairs as everyone was drinking & having a good time. My idea was, if it is OK by you, to have another fundraiser there on Thursday evening, September 4th. It is her birthday, as well as a couple of our special needs athletes & the chairperson of Special Olympics Mgt. Team. We would definitely have more than the 55 people as everyone from last night would attend, as well as many others. It is after the summer & many of our people will be back from vacations & we’ll have a very nice crowd. Would this be possible? No one minded us being there & I do know not to have more than one raffle prize. It did get frustrating & a little crazy at the end because of that. So that could be remedied. If we could get that date we will start getting the word out immediately. Sam was great & so was everyone else. It was all around super & we appreciate all of your efforts! Please let me know what you think. All the best…..ELLEN
  • To Whom It May Concern, I wanted to compliment your staff on a job well done! My name is Lisa Gjonaj, and I am the General Manager at Blue Moon Fish Company here in Ft. Lauderdale. My staff and I pleasure of patronizing your establishment on Friday July 25th. The gathering was hosted by Suzanne Wright. Suzanne did a fantastic job of taking care of us. She was in contact with me throughout the week to make sure everything was in place for the event. We made arrangements for bottle service and everything was set up very nice.
    Upon our arrival, Suzanne was outside to greet us and we were immediately taken to VIP. All of the front door staff was very pleasant and assured that our guests will have no problem entering when they arrive. Suzanne was there throughout the night to assist with whatever we needed. She also made sure that no uninvited guests would enter our area. Taylor was our server and she did a fantastic job. So we danced the night away and a
    great time was had by all! I usually like to plan an outing once a month for my staff, our awesome experience this weekend has everyone requesting Americas Backyard for next month so I will be in touch. Thank you again! Best Regards, Lisa Gjonaj General Manager Blue Moon Fish Co.
  • Lizzy, you were just one step ahead of me in THANK YOU! I was just going to e-mail you to thank you for your great help in having the wonderful event that PORTADA had yesterday. As a matter of fact we were so happy with it that we want to do it there next year as our SUMMER event around the same I certainly look forward to working together with you again in the near future. Best regards, Yvonne Salas International Director Revista PORTADA Magazine 7/25/08
  • Hi Lizzy, We had a blast…..Thank you so much….All my friends called me last night to let me know how much fun they had. Everyone who works there was just wonderful….. Yes, will be in touch……. The food was wonderful……Lots of fun….. Have a wonderful weekend. Cynthia 7/25/08
  • We had some of the best pix ever from Saturday! Even everyone who wasn’t there & saw the pix loved the fun that we had! People have actually been emailing me all day asking when is the next event. See you on Aug 16th for my mom’s B-day party (Camille Howell). Thanks a million once again! Rebecca Sanon 7/21/08
  • The stage is where it was at on Saturday nite!!! Thanks so much Michelle for hooking Bex and I up w/ a Gr8 time as always J I have several bruises from the pole climbing to prove it! We will definitely be in touch to plan our Lydian UN-Holiday party the first or second Saturday in December. JANEL RANA 7/21/08
  • Hi Cathy, Thank you for allowing us to host our Season Seat Owners event at your venue. The turnout was great and our fans truly enjoyed the fun atmosphere at America’sBackyard. I appreciate all of your help in coordinating this event with me and will keep in touch for other possible events. If you ever need anything here at the arena please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks again! Client Services Coordinator "Taking Service from Expected to Extraordinary!" SUNRISE SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  • Cathy – what a great venue to have in our backyard! We all enjoyed ourselves (some of us a little too much)!!!
    Thank you again for the invite and we look forward to working with you on future business. Debbi Toreson
  • Hi Lizzy, I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you so much for the opportunity to host Independence Rocks at America’s Backyard. We raised over $1,100!! I had several guests come to me and ask if we would be doing this again. It was their first time to America’s Backyard and they want to get a group of their friends and co-workers to attend. I’d be happy to host another event before year’s end (perhaps in October). Melissa Chediak Wetzel Manager of Special Events Transplant Foundation, Inc.
  • Hello Lizzy, It was great.  We were pleased with the venue and everyone had a good time which is the most important thing.  Thank you again!  Rhonda Siegel   Southern Florida Chapter-The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  06 30 08

  • Thanks Lizzy for a great party on Saturday night. You Rock!  See you soon!!!  Jonathan Keith
    06 23 08

  • Steffanie & The Entire America’s Backyard Staff – Thank you so very much for welcoming us to host two Business Buddies events and for your raffle donations.  Thanks to your support and generosity we were able to raise $1700.  We had a great time and hope to work with you again in the future.  Melissa McQuillein   Best Buddies Broward   06 17 08

  • Hey Michelle- Thanks so much for your help in putting our event together. Jaime was absolutely AWESOME on Friday night helping us out!!!   Christina Sacco   06 12 08

  • Hello Michelle – I want to thank you for giving me and my sister the opportunity to do a fundraiser at America’s Backyard for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We truly had a blast. With your help we were able to raise over $1,000 that night and it helped us reach our goal and run the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego last Sunday. I really do appreciate your help and I will definitely be referring our guests from the GalleryOne over to your location. Thank you again.   
    Sincerely,  Elizabeth Del Forn  Gallery One Fort Lauderdale  06 09 08 

  • Hi Crystal!  Thank you for the super service you provided our party. See you soon!   Regards  Paul H Sanders   06 02 08

  • Lizzy,  Thanks so much for accommodating us. It really was a great experience for us.   Ken Roland   City of Ft. Lauderdale   05 29 08

  • Lizzy,  Thank you for having us and putting together such a great event. That was probably the best buffet I have experienced at one of these types of gatherings.  I will definitely try to do this again in the near future and I can’t say thanks enough.   Raffie   05 28 08

  • Hey Michelle Thank you so much for arranging the happy hour for our team!  We had a great time and are planning to go back soon – it’s so great!!  Your staff was wonderful!!
    Ali Taylor 05 23 08

  • “…America’s Backyard may be the best spot for summer fun, from its “Pulp Fiction” dance contests to “flair bartending” to water-balloon baseball played by some truly sexy bar staff (ladies, there’s eye candy for us, too).”  Heather McCalla  Sun-Sentinel Showtime Reporter  05 16 08

  • Hey AB!  My friends and I recently were down in Ft. Lauderdale for the whole week last week. We kept looking for the perfect place to dance and party at and really could not find that place suitable for us. We are all 21 and ended up finding America’s Backyard on Thursday night. We danced the whole night away having one of the best nights of our lives. It was our last few days and wanted to experience the whole bar scene, but every single night we ended up back at your place. It is one of the most fun clubs we have all ever been too and we are already planning another trip for the end of the summer just to come back to your bar. That DJ that you had all weekend was one of the best and most energetic DJs I have ever come across. I just wanted to say thank you for making my trip perfect as well as ridiculously out of control.  Mike Regal & all your Chicago friends! 05 21 08

  • Dear Cathy  Thank you so much for all your support in helping with our opening night party – from providing a venue at the last minute to your help in planning an ingenious caterer to the hard work of your staff.  I’m really thankful that you were there for us this year, I look forward to our next event with you!   Andie ArthurExecutive Director    The Theatre League of South Florida  05 19 08

  • Jamie  I want to give you and your wonderful crew a BIG THANK YOU! Our group had a blast. My group loved every moment. Please pass on my THANKS to your bosses and crew. You guys are the best.  Rick Perry  05 19 08

  • Hi Michelle,   Thank you again for hosting the Young Professionals for Covenant House event on April 11th!  It was a huge success and we were really thrilled with the way the event went.  Courtney Holshouser  05 13 08

  • Nancy  I just wanted to thank you and all of the staff for a wonderful time. I have had nothing but compliments from all the people that attended. I personally want to send thanks to our waitress, Susanne. It was the most enjoyable "new bar" experiences of my life.  Kent Collingwood 05 12 08

  • Michelle, I just wanted to write & tell you what a wonderful time me & my co-workers had on Friday night!!  We appreciate the invite!! Please keep our name in the pool for another "happy hour." Thanks again!!  Tricia  05 06 08

  • Hello Lizzy,  Thanks so much for Saturday night.  We all had a great time at Becca’s birthday party thanks to you and a few bartenders!  Thanks again.  Your friends,
    Charles and Scott  05 05 08

  • Lizzy  Thanks for everything.  You were the perfect hostess and you made my guests and I feel welcomed.  I had nothing but compliments about your club.  It was everyone’s first time going there and they enjoyed themselves so much that they said that they’ll return soon.  Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted on when I’ll pass by again.  Joel  04 30 08

  • Lizzy,   Thanks so much for all your help. The balloons, cake and the awesome ambiance were great! It seems like each time we go, the crowd gets larger…this is definitely a happening place!  Lissette Jimenez 
    04 23 08

  • Michelle,   We had a blast! Your restaurant/club is amazing. The atmosphere was great, what a concept. I would love to have another party at America’s Backyard. Angela Ferreira  04 21 08

  • Hi Michelle   I was there on Friday, celebrating Danielle’s new job at America’s Backyard with you folks and I am truly happy for both you and her.  She is a classy lady with the smile that goes on forever and I will continue to promote and be an honored patron of your club.  You folks rock! Gil Borrero  04 21 08

  • Michelle  Just want to say thanks so much for making my party a HUGE success! All my friends & family love the place & were very happy w/ the service, drink prices, staff, etc! In fact, my friend Jessica is booking her hubby’s B-day party there on May 10th. And they live up in Palm Beach county. I think she’s already contact you, we’re all excited already!  Thank you so much for everything,   Rebecca L. Sanon  04 17 08

  • Hi Michelle,  I just wanted to say thank you.   The staff was so nice to us and we all had such a great time.  I would definitely recommend this place.  I look forward to coming back and partying again.  Thank you,  Lorena Morel  04 14 08

  • Hi Lizzy,  We had a great time!  You are the bomb!!!!  Thanks for taking care of us.   Gwen Bass-Kemp 04 10 08

  • Lizzy,  Thank you so much for your help in putting together the DHL party.  I know that we had a wonderful time and so many people said that this was the best corporate event that they had ever been to.  I know that many people had never been there before, I’m sure that we will host more parties at Americas Backyard.  Elsa Mills   04 07 08

  • Hello Lizzy,  Last night went quite well and I want to thank you for all the preparation you did for us.  I believe everyone had a good time and it was a great way to introduce your establishment to the downtown crowd.  Rhonda  04/03/08

  • Lizzy,  We had a great time last friday, you were very helpful with my guests & they will be talking about it for a long time!  Charles Westerfield  04/03/08Craig  I just wanted to let you know that we went to America’s Backyard this weekend and Lizzy (manager) came up and thanked us for coming and bringing such a great crowd.   We LOVED it, we went upstairs and it was great up there and we loved the bartenders and the entertainment they put on- they were interacting with the customers- and it was great and out of the norm Lauderdale chaos.  We’ll be back!!!!  Amanda Lippman  April 2, 2008

  • Michelle  Our party was very nice and all the servers were ultra friendly!  I’ll keep in touch.  
    Thank you for a very enjoyable evening!  Rosemary  3/19/08

  • Jeff  America’s Backyard is a very creative idea…and I didn’t even see all of what you had to offer.   The food was excellent, our waitress was attractive and intelligent!  The music, black & white movies, hoola hoops, etc., were great!   I’ll be back!  Nancy Zifer   03/14/08

  • Steffanie   Hey there!!! Just wanted to let you know my friends & I had a FABULOUS time Friday night! Everyone loved the place! Can’t wait to come back again soon, we’re all very excited already about having my B-day there!!   Rebecca L Sanon  03/13/08

  • Michelle I was emailing you to tell you how much fun I had there Sunday night.  I decided to bring a couple girls with me and we had an amazing time. By the end of the evening our party grew to about 25 from the people we called to join us. I’m pretty sure we’re on a few rolls of film from Sunday Evening. πŸ™‚   Kind Regards Always,  Melissa A Foreman  3/12/08

  • Hi Lizzy, I hope you know how much appreciate and how thankful I am for the wonderful gift of pajamas you donated to our charity. You really did not have to do.  My friends and I had a great time Friday night and will definitely be back very soon.  Thanks again and again,  Martina πŸ™‚  03/10/08

  • Hi Lizzy:  Thanks so much for the opportunity to have a party at America’s Backyard.  Everybody had a great time and really loved the remodel of your location.  Congratulations on the beginning of a successful new venture!  You are definitely generating some enthusiasm.  One of my coworkers will be hosting a party on March 14 so I’ll be back for a visit. Thanks Again,
    Karen 03/10/08